I had never imagined that one day my life would become so patchy and incomplete without Lovinger, my pet, as it becomes at times when I am away from him. I never dreamt of having my pet. But now it is. Now, I feel the luckiest one to have an adorable pet. We cuddle against each other: Lovinger is the one that puts a broad smile on my face and helps me retain it even in the most stressful conditions ever been in my life.

A Horrible Watchdog Caused Cynophobia

I used to fear dogs before I came across Lovinger. There was a credible reason for my cynophobia. I do realize that some people keep away from dogs for they have experienced horrendous times with them. So is the case of mine. There is a story that portrays my fear of dogs and why would my gate stagger on catching sight of either a stray dog or a tamed doggy.

Most of us would have surely run into a watchdog in their friends ‘or kith and kin’s houses when they were just kids. The frequency of these frightening happenings might differ, but all would have experienced the almost same ominous moments. I can still recall those horrific moments spent in my aunt’s home, honoured with the presence of a watchdog. I had just stepped in when the dog counted me in mysterious things and rushed to growl at me.

And how could a guy of just ten years cope with that occurring normally? Can you imagine my response? Yes, you certainly do. I started bawling and my face was wet with tears.

Cutting the crap, there is always a story of one’s cynophobia tucked away from those who adore pets. Moreover, in developing countries, mothers restrain their children from going outside for stray dogs will bite them. Even I have heard about several cases from my kith and kin and on several news channels. For instance, a child was pounced upon by a mad stray dog and either got extremely injured or passed away. Cynophobia holds its roots in the bad experiences of childhood. If a scary dog had grumbled at or pounced on a child, he would have developed cynophobia. The optimistic point is that this fear is cured with both therapy and medicine.

How to get rid of Cynophobia?

If you are willing to nip your fear of dogs in the bud, you will need to expose yourself to the dogs gradually. The most optimistic approach to the cure of cynophobia is “Exposure therapy.”

· The person should watch people adoring their dogs.

· He should go through social media stuff bosting the importance of pets.

· He should walk with the dogs that are leashed and restrained.

· Then is the turn to finally move on to the ultimate step of spending time with an unleashed dog.

These steps desensitize a person suffering from cynophobia and help him to overcome this fear.

Leashing a Stray-Dog-Venture

Since I embarked on my journey on a track to become a Doctor of Veterinary and Medicine on 22 October 2019, everything got changed. Neither I abhorred animals nor I adored them.

But the moment came when everything was going to be changed forever. It was probably the third month of my Veterinary education when Pro. Abdul Rehman Ansari asked the students to bring two stray dogs to the Veterinary Anatomy laboratory to proceed with the dissection. My group was comprised of about ten boys. Only God knows how terrible was that venture from finding a stray dog to alluring him with pieces of bread to seizing it and leashing it with a common rope to taking care of it for a night in the hostel and then finally taking him to the laboratory, the very next morning.

Our group zipped along the different streets of a hamlet to accomplish this task. By the way, this venture was worth-cherishing and full of fun and fear: as you know seizing a stray dog is not a cup of tea for everyone. And for this reason, we had to seek help from two local pet experts. One of our guy’s chores was to throw pieces of bread in front of the dogs to entice them. Huh!

An inhabitant of that village helped us out and we were finally able to leash a dog. The dog was fazed and a bit frightened by the crowd of boys surrounding him. I did my best to ensure his composure and offered him milk to drench his thirst and bread to satisfy his hunger. I lamented his fate. But I am sad that I did not let him free that night. I could not do that. What I did was to revive his composure and strength (no doubt just for a night). The very next day, that dog was dissected and observed by the students. His bones in the laboratory have lingered an unforgettable recollection in my hippocampus.

Animals are the poor soul! They are poor in the sense that they do feel, but they are unable to express their inner sentiments. At times, I felt sorry for those poor souls. But they keep us alive and active.

Cat’s Eyes Overwhelmed with Gratitude

December is characterized by its frosty days and nights. This harshness and annoyance are not only concerted on humans, but animals are also susceptible to the harshness of winter. On Friday night of December 2020, Muhammad Qasim caught sight of a shivering cat staggering here and there, looking for a warm nook to optimize her frozen body. He was running his shop and could not find enough time to take care of that cat. But after some time, Qasim finds that cat looking for a hole in his main gate to get a warm place to spend her night. Qasim says, “I picket that quivering and furry cat and took inside my room. I covered her with a warm towel and gave her milk. She was a cute and fluffy cat.”

What happened with that cat? He moved on, “I wish I could make her stay in my house forever. The next morning, when I opened the door, she dashed and went away for good. But she let my heart satisfied. I can never forget that reminiscence that she turned for a while and her eyes were filled with gratitude and love. I cherished that moment as much as I could.”

Qasim elaborated on the point that life is not energetic and venturous without animals and pets. Having a pet is one of the best parameters to revive the energy of a sick person.

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